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Inspired by something you’ve seen on the blog? Or are you still confused and looking for some guidance? Perhaps you have very definite ideas of what you want but aren’t having any luck finding it.  Whatever your situation, why not book an appointment with Yemi to discuss your requirements?  Because Kosibah designs every dress from scratch, we’re sure we can create something special for you that will suit your needs perfectly.

Initial consultations are free of charge and without any obligation. We can offer appointments at times to suit you including weekends and late evenings.  And we’ve also recently been trying out consultations by Skype (though obviously not fittings!) if you can’t make it to us.

You can get in touch in the following ways:
Phone: 020 7424 8832


Complete our contact form and we will ring you back.

Kosibah is a trading name of Kosibah Creations Ltd.

VAT Registration No. 830 966 316

Registered Office: 5 Whytecliffe Road South, Purley, Surrey. CR8 2AY Registered in England and Wales: No. 4508000

4 responses to “Contact

  • Pastor Tele Opakunle

    Mr Osunkoya, I am Tele Opakunle a descendant of the Abinusawas of Ibadan. I live in Maryland, USA, with my family. Uncle Siji was my uncle and your mom Aunty Corsibah actually lived in the same neighborhood with me at Bodija. She worked in the same hospital where my husband worked in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the contact is your mom. I never had the opportunity to bid her goodbye. I learnt she came to inquire about me. She is such a sweet soul, I remember my late mom saying ” Siji chose right”. On a lighter note, I was actually present at your private engagement party at Bodija. It was a pleasant reunion with other family members like the Okulaja’s and Ebodas. I follow your work, I am very proud of you! America is waiting for you! It’s time for you to break through this vast market. This may in fact be a prophetic word for you. Shalom


  • Jamie

    What’s the price range from a wedding dress ?


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