Making great tasting and visually stunning cakes has always been a deep seated passion for Elizabeth Solaru. Her belief is that a cake should delight both taste wise and visually. All of her cakes are made from scratch (strictly no mixes) using the finest organic ingredients where possible.

Elizabeth Solaru likes to design Unique and Bespoke cakes for her clients

. When was your company founded?

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium was found in 2006. My mission was to create cakes that tasted as beautiful as they looked.

. What’s your background and career path prior to your own business ?

On completion of my Master’s degree, I started my career as a Microbiologist and worked for the NHS for 13 years.  I then moved into the private health sector and worked at a private clinic as a Business Development Director.

After getting an MBA from Middlesex University I was asked to join a headhunting firm. In 2006 I set up Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium which I ran alongside my day job. The rest as they say is history and I now run the company full time.

. What sets you aside from your competitors ?

We tend to attract clients that want cakes that are different to what’s out there. We try to come up with designs that are personal and unique to each client and no two cakes we make are the same. For instance, in our 2012 collection, the cakes were inspired by the best couture wedding dresses of 2011. For the collection we used custom made moulds and techniques unique to us. The collection was extremely well received with a number of cakes featured in major national and international publications.

.  Your inspirations and motivations ?

Our cake designs and flavours are inspired by our clients, fashion, the seasons and nature. I encourage my clients to tell me their wishes and desires, no matter how outlandish as it gets my creative juices flowing. I then try to work out these can be translated into an awesome cake.

. Describe your clientele ?

My typical client is someone who loves quality and wants something unique. They are not afraid to be different and are trend setters.

. What are your ‘OMG’ moments (both good and bad) ?

One of my best OMG moments was being seeing one of my wedding cakes featured in a bridal magazine. Also, getting phone calls from high profile individuals requesting a cake is incredibly humbling.

My most recent bad OMG moment was watching a TV program about me that was made about 6 years ago.

. Your most memorable moments so far ?

Certainly being the only three times winner of Wedding TV’s The Great Cake Bake was very special. I was relatively new to the industry and for me it was such an honour to even be in the same room as my cake heroes! Winning three times in a row was such a shock, it took a while for it to sink in.

. What’s the trend/theme for 2012 and why ?

I’m no expert on trends as I tend to do my own thing regardless. However, I have been getting requests for very tall statement cakes and brides are requesting more colour.

. Advice to your clients and what would you recommend if asked by a client ?

At Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, we make choosing a wedding cake a very enjoyable process. The bonus is that a number of brides often seek our  advice about other aspects of the wedding.

We work very closely with our clients to offer a very personal and bespoke service. We often speak to our clients about the range of flavours we offer, the design process, the wedding theme and colours, any special dietary requirements, budgets and number of guests.

We also suggest that our brides create a collage/mood board of their likes and even dislikes. Naturally, we also offer cakes and fillings for tasting. However, the most important thing is for the client to feel confident in our ability to create the cake of their dreams.

. Your best-selling cake and why ?

 Our best selling cake for years has been our triple chocolate delight. We use only the best ingredients in this tried and tested recipe and it really shows. However, our fairly recent addition, Bailey’s Chocolate cake has come a very close second!

Do clients attach a certain emotion or theme to their order ?

Our clients certainly see the wedding cake as an important part of their celebration and they often look forward to seeing it for the first time. It’s such a delight when clients write, tweet or text their joy or astonishment at seeing their ideas brought to life.

.  And lastly, your involvement with Kosibah creations and how it has inspired your works so far ?

The first time I came across the Kosibah  brand was when one of his dresses was  featured in a bridal magazine in 2000. It was a richly embroidered gold and cream dress with a fitted jacket and a high necked collar. The bride needless to say looked ravishing. I was fortunate to meet Yemi a few years later and his work has just gone from strength to strength.

In honour of his 20 years of excellence in business, I created a cake based on one of his designs, and yes, you’ve guessed it, in gold and cream!

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

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About Kosibah

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