Red Diamond Events is an innovative, invigorating and refreshing Event Design Company based in Abuja, Nigeria. They make events such as weddings, corporate events or private functions Fabulous and Magical. They believe sensational decor can be drawn from the simpliest of things.

Red Diamond Events believe that events should be as unique and as amazing as their clients are, cause they are always ready to bring ideas, dreams and imaginations into a fabulous reality.

. When was your company founded?

 I founded and launched Red Diamond Events in 2010. Our aim was to bring something fresh and exciting to the event design industry in Nigeria.  We think a bride should be able to dream big rather than just settling for the ordinary. Too often, there’s a perception of “Oh, that couldn’t possibly be done”. We wanted help change that by saying no to mundane and dreary decor and injecting some Fabulosity instead!

.  What’s your background and career path prior to your own business?

 I’m actually a trained Lawyer. I ventured into event design on the back of comments I kept receiving at the socials my husband and I usually hold.  People kept asking: ‘Who did the decor? It’s really beautiful’. I did a few events for friends and family and got even bigger responses, so I decided to see if event design was a viable business option for me. I started off with a wedding of 300 guests, which was a huge success.  Two years down the road, we’re doing events with almost 2000 guests.

. What sets you aside from your competitors ?

 Attention to detail.  We do our possible best to understand the specific needs and dreams of our client, rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We love going the extra mile to ensure that the couple’s vision for their big day comes as close to reality as possible.  Luckily, we’ve been able to build excellent relationships with the majority of the couples we have worked with and most of them have become really good friends.

.  Your inspirations and motivations ?

 Our biggest inspiration, by far comes from the Bride.  If she’s anything like me, she’s probably been dreaming of her wedding for years – she’s built up a picture of her big day and she’s trusting you with that vision.  That’s the greatest motivation I have.  I never get tired of that feeling of satisfaction when the Bride calls after her wedding to say she loved the decor or that the guests can’t stop talking about it.

. Describe your clientele ?

 Our clients understand and appreciate good taste. They know that we’re providing much more than just flowers and settings, we’re working with their vision to create an experience that they’ll remember for a lifetime.  They truly understand the price and value of a great design.

. What are your ‘OMG’ moments (both good and bad) ?

Wow! Okay, I’ll start with the bad! We were setting up gazebo for a wedding reception in a really beautiful location. The gazebo was setup over a pool and was adorned with paper lanterns.  The idea was to have the light from the lanterns reflect on the pool when the reception got into full swing that evening.  About an hour before the reception started, I heard a huge crash – the whole creation fell into the pool! Luckily, we were able to rescue the situation (just!) and it turned out to be a great wedding!

Best moment came from a wedding reception we designed earlier this year.  The bride walked into the venue, didn’t say a word and just started crying. I was a bit worried until she told me she was blown away by the decor.  I think I was close to tears too.

. Your most memorable moments so far ?

I’ve taken really good memories from the majority of events we have worked on so far.  i could tell you a great story from each one!  I think those moments where you go from just being a vendor to becoming a friend of the couple/client are just priceless.

. What’s the trend/theme for 2012 and why ?

 2012 is all about romance!  I think the Royal wedding last year had a lot to do with that.  Soft, decadent bouquets are in this year – filled with beautiful roses and peonies. Centerpieces and settings will follow this romantic trend.

Movies will also have a big effect on wedding décor and flowers. I think the Snow White inspired movies planned for this year will further fuel the air of romance and imagination.

. Do you have any sales /discounts  you want us to talk about or be aware ?

 We do indeed! We’re offering a 10% discount to all brides who contact us via our website and make a booking at least 3 months in advance of their wedding.

 We’re also planning something very exciting for 2012! We’re still in the planning process so i wouldn’t want to give anything away at this time.  But I promise you’ll be amongst the first to know once everything is in place.

. Advise to your clients and what would you recommend if asked by a client ?

 Plan well ahead of time.  Couples sometimes leave their decor plans till the last minute but expect a finish that takes months of planning. Be sure to leave enough time to achieve the finish you expect.

Also, be realistic with your budget.  If a bride wants her dream wedding for 1000 guests, the costs are going to be really high.  The budget must match the dream.

Finally, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ event. All we can strive for is the best that is humanly possible. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember to have fun!

Red Diamond Events 

 House 13, 15 Road, EFAB City Estate, Abuja.

Telephone: +234 813 375 1144 Telephone: +234 809 125 1922


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